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Who we are

The GreenTec Capital Africa Foundation is a non-profit organization founded to promote the development of investment into African entrepreneurship with the goal of driving the creation of local economic and social added-value

Why we are

We believe there is an unrealized potential in entrepreneurship that can best be harnessed by creating synergies between entrepreneurs, investors and institutions.

What we do

We create an environment in which different stakeholders have the opportunity to collaborate to mutual benefit and enlarge their current set of opportunities.

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Supporting the Start-Up Ecosystem

to generate sustainable and inclusive value

We see many young entrepreneurs leveraging technology in new and innovative ways creating value by solving local problems.

By putting the spotlight on these entrepreneurs and sharing knowledge we create an environment that facilitates the creation of global partnerships for investments, technology exchange or market access.

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SMEs & Investors

Demystifying successful engagement in African Entrepreneurship

To make prosperous projects possible.

We see many investors intimidated by the scale and complexity of African markets.

By creating an environment of accessible information and strong partners we help companies and investors to gain orientation and maximise positive outcomes.

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Supporting institutions to make their endeavours more impactful

And the desired outcomes tangible.

We see strong initiatives realised by great institutions and a same time a fragmented ecosystem that makes it difficult to achieve measurable KPIs

By offering our strong network and knowledge to the better cause we support institutions to maximise their impact and tailor specific programmes in close collaboration with them.

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Carl-von-Noorden-Platz 5, 3FL
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Namibia Office

Robert Mugabe Avenue 152,
The Village at Liliencron Street,
Windhoek, Namibia.

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